Pool Installation

Pool Installation

Smooth and Easy

You’ll be ready to swim in no time at all

Viking Pools takes care of every aspect of installing your pool.  We want it to fit perfectly in the best location available and look fantastic as it complements the surroundings. You can feel comfortable knowing we have decades of experience in pool installation and all of our team is highly trained to make sure everything works out exactly as planned.

Here are the steps we will be going through to install your beautiful pool:

  1. The pool layout is carefully marked for precision.
  2. The dig begins the process for perfection.
  3. The hole is carefully prepared to achieve the proper shape and depth.
  4. The pool is set in place.
  5. The pool is now filled with water and the backfill process begins.
  6. The proper plumbing and electrical equipment is installed.
  7. The concrete is poured around the pool.
  8. Your lifetime guaranteed Viking pool is ready for years of enjoyment.